PubEasy Soap Server

Welcome to the PubEasy Soap Server Homepage. From this page you will be able to find all the information needed to create client web services that interact with the PubEasy Site. There are two types of web services for PubEasy, Retail and Affiliate:

PubEasy Retail Web Services

Retail web services have been designed to help the Bookseller streamline the ordering process. With retail web services, a bookseller can get price and availability information, check the status of any order or back order, and place orders at any affiliate on PubEasy. To read more about Retail Web Services, please read the following documentation:

In addition, PubEasy has implemented the BIC e4books web service standard for Price and Availability and Order Cancellation. For more information about these web services, please read the following documentation:

PubEasy Exchange Affiliate Web Services

Exchange Affiliate Web Services were created to bring the Full Affiliate functionality to Exchange. Exchange Affiliates can now develop APIs through these web services that will allow them to process orders, order status queries, and much more in real time. To find out more information about these web services, please read the following documentation:

Test and Live Web Services

For your convenience, PubEasy has implemented all web services on a test site, in addition to the live site. This will allow you to develop your web service clients worry free. Use this environment as a test platform for your clients before you port them to the live PubEasy site. Please use the following service endpoints:

  • Live PubEasy Site
    • (insecure)
    • (secure)

  • Test PubEasy Site
    • (insecure)
    • (secure)

Booksellers interested in developing Retail Web Services on the test site will first have to register for a test account. Your account will have to be approved by PubEasy.

Exchange Affiliates interested in developing Exchange Web Services will have to have their affiliate site added to the test site. Please email to have your Exchange Affiliate Site added to our test site.

SSL Support

Secure Socket Layer Support has been added to all PubEasy soap web services, however, the certificate has been generated with openSSL by PubEasy. Because of this, you may have to take the preliminary step of adding our certificate to your client's "trusted CA list". How you do this depends on the client software you are using.

For any other questions regarding PubEasy Web Services, please contact us.

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